Embrace Your Wanderlust: Traveling with Diabetes Made Easy

Are you dreaming of exotic adventures and exploring new lands but worried about managing your diabetes on the go? Fear not! At Sugars and Pins, we believe that diabetes doesn't have to hold you back from experiencing the wonders of the world. In this blog post, we'll whisk you away with stylish and practical tips to keep your diabetes supplies and accessories organized and chic as you travel. Get ready to set off on your next amazing adventure with confidence!

1. Packing Medical Supplies: Prepare Like a Pro

Before you pack your outfits and accessories, start by organizing your diabetes supplies. Ensure you have all the essentials like reusable Omnipod covers, overlay patches, device chargers, and insulin, insulin vial protectors, etc are all readily available.

Here’s what I packed for my recent trip:

  • Omnipods: 6 pods
  • Dexcom G6: 2 sensors
  • Alcohol Swabs: 20 individually wrapped
  • SkinGrip Adhesive Patches for Dexcom and Omnipod
  • Transparent Omnipod Patches
  • Glucose meter, test strips, Genteel lancing device
  • Extra Omnipod PDM (just in case)
  • Assorted reusable Omnipod covers to match my outfits

Overpacking these items is crucial because, as we know,  life happens! Ensure you have enough supplies to cover your trip and a little extra for unforeseen delays or equipment malfunctions. I like to pack my supplies in this Insulated Travel Bag from Sugar Medical

2. Medical Bag and Equipment Policies: Know Your Rights

When traveling, baggage weight is a genuine concern since many airlines charge for anything more than a personal bag and carry-on suitcase. But did you know that most major airlines in the United States allow an extra medical bag at no cost? This bag is usually in addition to your personal and carry-on bags. Check with smaller airlines for their specific policies.

3. Insulin Storage During Travel: Keep It Cool

Always keep your medical bag with you, not in your checked baggage. Extreme temperatures in the baggage hold can damage your insulin. I keep my medical bag and extra insulin vials in an insulated and padded case. On long flights, ask the flight attendant if they can store your insulin in the refrigerator—but remember to retrieve it when you deplane!

4. Stylishly Protect Your Omnipod: Fashion Meets Function

Before you hit the road, make sure your Omnipod is protected in style! Our custom reusable Omnipod covers are adorable and help protect your device from static electricity, which can cause failures. Choose from various designs and colors that speak to your unique personality and style.

5. Carry a Medical ID: Safety First

Wearing a medical ID bracelet, necklace, or watch band can be life-saving in emergencies. In addition to wearing a medical alert on my watch band, I use the Medical ID feature on my iPhone. This contains my name, essential medical information, and emergency contact details to ensure I receive the necessary care, no matter where I am.

6. Dexcom Patches On-The-Go: Mix Fun with Functionality

Adorn your Dexcom with a patch that matches your mood, and embrace every moment of your trip with confidence and extra security. Our patches are designed to stay put, no matter where your adventures take you.

7. Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Health on the Go

Traveling is exhilarating, but staying hydrated and keeping your blood sugar in check is essential. Carry a reusable water bottle and choose healthy snacks that contain protein to help keep your energy levels up and your blood sugars stable.

8. Ready, Set... Choose Your Diabetes Accessories: Organized Travel

A well-organized diabetes travel bag is your passport to smooth sailing during your adventures. A kit with compartments for insulin, test strips, lancets, a backup glucose meter, and glucose tablets or low treats of choice is essential.

Whether you're off to a tropical paradise or exploring a bustling city, be prepared for any situation. Embrace your wanderlust and let Sugars and Pins add a pinch of magic to your adventures! Happy travels, friends!

Key Takeaways

  • Pack Extra Supplies: Always overpack essential diabetes supplies.
  • Understand Airline Policies: Know your rights for carrying medical bags.
  • Keep Insulin Cool: Store insulin in an insulated bag or insulin cooler.
  • Protect Your Devices: Use stylish, functional covers, and/or stickers to express yourself with your Omnipod and Dexcom.
  • Carry a Medical ID: Ensure your medical information is accessible in case of emergencies.
  • Stay Hydrated: Keep a reusable water bottle handy.
  • Organize Your Kit: Have a well-organized travel bag for all your diabetes essentials.

Share Your Tips!

We'd love to hear about your travel experiences and tips for managing diabetes on the go. Share your stories and tips in the comments below!


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