Never Lose Your Omnipod 5 Controller Again: Simple Steps to Keep Track of Your Device Using Your iPhone

Have you ever misplaced your Omnipod 5 controller and spent precious time searching for it?  If you're an iPhone and Omnipod 5 user, odds are you've been there. The good news is that a few simple purchases and steps can easily eliminate this worry, ensuring you never lose your Omnipod 5 controller again.

Using Your iPhone to Keep Track of Your Omnipod 5 Controller

While we all eagerly await the arrival of an iPhone app for the Omnipod 5, here's a practical interim solution. By using an Apple AirTag, a phone lanyard tab, and an AirTag holder, you can keep your Omnipod 5 controller within reach and never misplace it again.

What You'll Need:

  1. Apple AirTag
  2. Phone Lanyard Tab
  3. AirTag Holder (Here’s are the two I use: Black Heart Shaped Air Tag Holder and Colorful Floral Air Tag Holder)

These items are easy to purchase from Amazon or your local Walmart, and trust me, they’re worth every penny. I don’t lose my keys anymore thanks to the Apple AirTag, and the same goes for my Omnipod 5 controller.

Setting Up Your Apple AirTag

Step 1: Link the Apple AirTag to Find My iPhone

  1. Follow the instructions included with your AirTag to complete setup on the Find My iPhone app.
  2. Set it to notify you whenever you leave your Omnipod 5 controller behind. This way, you get an alert anytime your controller is outside your home.

Note: You can ping any item with an AirTag from your Apple or iOS device.

Adding the AirTag to Your Omnipod 5 Controller

Step 2: Attach the AirTag

  1. Roll up the lanyard tab and thread it through the charging port opening on your controller case.
  2. Once the controller is back in the case, the tab part should stick out through the opening.

Omnipod 5 Controller Tag Install Reel

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Your Omnipod 5 System

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the freedom and convenience that the Omnipod 5 system provides without the stress of losing your controller or having to give up your iPhone. The next time your Omnipod 5 controller decides to play hide and seek, simply open your Find My iPhone app or log in to iCloud and sound the alert to find your device.

Happy podding! You’ve got this!


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