The Wait is Over: First Impressions of the Omnipod 5 iOS App

Today is the day! At precisely 12:24 PM, my inbox pinged with the highly anticipated email from Apple’s TestFlight, granting me access to the Omnipod 5 iOS app. Cue the happy dance!

A Quick Recap

For those of you in the Omnipod 5 iPhone app Limited Market Release (LMR), you know we’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment for nearly a month. If you want the full scoop on the selection process and the questions asked of participants, check out my previous post: The Exciting Journey to the Omnipod 5 iOS App: Part 1.

Installation: A Walk in the Park

Installing the iPhone app was a breeze. Omnipod thoughtfully included a short video explaining the differences between the Android/Controller app and the new iOS app. Super helpful! The only downside? Having to restart the algorithm from scratch, just like setting up a new Omnipod 5 controller. But no worries, I slightly adjusted my basal rate since my numbers were running a bit high this week, and the app adapted beautifully to my insulin needs.

Surprising Perks of the Omnipod 5 iOS App

  • Dark Mode Delight: The app syncs with your iPhone’s dark or light mode settings. Midnight boluses just got a lot easier on the eyes!


  • Custom Foods Preset: This feature lets you save carb counts and names for frequently consumed foods. Bolusing for your go-to snacks just got faster.

  • Up to 24-Hour Graph View: You can now view up to 24 hours of your readings and pump graphs by flipping your phone to horizontal view, similar to the Dexcom G6 iPhone app.

A Few Practical Considerations

  • App Running in Background: Like the Dexcom G6 app, the Omnipod 5 app needs to run in the background. Wondering if it’ll drain your battery? So far, I haven’t noticed any significant battery drain, but I’ll keep you posted. Pro tip: I bought an all-in-one power bank on Amazon for backup, which now lives in my purse.
  • iPhone Compatibility: The app requires iOS 17 to run. Make sure your iPhone is still receiving software updates. If not, you might need to consider upgrading to a newer model. While I don't have a list of the compatible phone models, I am sure the list will be provided by Omnipod as they have with Android models. Since the app is only in Beta testing right now, I'd suggest doing some research on the phones that are able to run iOS 17 before it's released, so you have time to plan or save up.  There are affordable options like refurbished phones from Apple, your carrier, or even local pawn shops near college campuses.

Ready for the Adventure

I expect a few bumps along the way, as is the case with any Beta testing, but so far, the Omnipod 5 iPhone app is performing splendidly. When I ventured out to run errands without my controller, it felt like I was forgetting something. I suppose that will take some getting used to, but the freedom of carrying only one device isa fantastic feeling, one of the many reasons I love the Omnipod 5 insulin pump system.

Stay tuned for more updates and happy podding!

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